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Please note that the following sites will not be available this Sunday the 25th from 8am to 6pm PST:

Website: http://www.humphreys.edu

Webmail: http://webmail.humphreys.edu (http://webmail.humphreys.edu)

Registration: http://registration.humphreys.edu (http://registration.humphreys.edu)

Web Advisor: http://adv.humphreys.edu (http://adv.humphreys.edu)

Please try back after 6pm. Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Login Procedures: Please Read Carefully

Use your Humphreys College ID as your username. Your Humphreys College ID is a
nine-digit alpha-numeric string beginning with “HC” followed by seven-digits.
For instance "HC0012345".

If you are a continuing student, you can easily find your student number on a
recent report card or on your Student Body Card; otherwise, contact the Office
of the Registrar at (209) 235-2902.

Use your birthdate as your password. Enter your birthdate in eight-digit format
(no dashes, slashes, or hyphens) like this: MMDDYYYY

If you require additional assistance, contact your instructor in the Faculty
Offices at (209) 235-2909; alternatively, you may contact the Coordinator of
Online Instruction at (209) 235-2923.

Still need help? Contact Technical Support at (209) 235-2999 or send an email
to: techsupport@humphreys.edu